Jeff Girard

Tool and Die Maker / CNC Programmer Leader

Jeff has 20 years of experience in the Tool and Die industry. He completed his Journeyman Tool and Die Maker card in 2006. In 2007, Jeff joined Titan Tool and Die as Die Maker. Jeff has also become very knowledgeable about design and machining software for the trade. He has been certified in Mastercam, AutoCAD, Pc Fapt Cut, and Visi Machining. His software knowledge allows him to be involved in all steps of the die making process. In addition to tool and die experience, Jeff has five years of experience as a machine builder specializing in electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic components. In 2015, Jeff joined one of our main customers as part of the tooling and die maintenance team. In 2017, Jeff rejoined Titan as a Tool and Die Maker, and he is now leading the CNC Machining software implementation.