Our comprehensive tool and die services allow you to find all the solutions you need, all in one place! Whether you’re looking for help with design, build, repair or incorporating engineering changes, Titan does it all!

Specialties: Progressive Stamping dies, Line dies, Pre-pierce / Cut-off dies and Small Lift-Carry Air Transfer dies.


We have our own 2D in-house design team at Titan who works closely with you and your tooling engineers. We also partner with local 3D engineering firms, allowing us to meet your required design needs and tackle any job of any size. We offer in-house design reviews, customer location design reviews or web review meetings to expedite the design approval process.


Titan 600-Ton, 400-Ton and 150-Ton tryout presses allow us to Blank, Form, Trim/Pierce and Flange parts per the customer’s requirements and a maximum tool size of 136" X 83". We provide Line dies, Hand and Mechanical Transfer dies, Blanking dies and Progressive Stamping dies.


There are times when you may require a die modification to an existing tool. We have the skills to make the necessary changes to the tool through EDM dovetail inserts for trims, wire-burning added button or trim steels, or modifying both trim and form steels. We can meet your needs no matter if it is a tool we built or someone else has built, and we’ll make the changes you require on-time and to print specifications.


Daily maintenance of dies keeps your operations running smoothly and your costs down. Titan maintenance and repair service can reduce your maintenance costs, not to mention downtime, significantly. We can service dies we built or dies built by others.

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